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WKS Restaurant Group is home to five beloved brands, including Krispy Kreme. We span across the country and hope you will find yourself at home.

Getting Started

As a new team member of WKS, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork.

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What's it like working for WKS?

Every new employee gets the chance to watch the onboarding video with the hope of helping them see they are a part of something bigger.

Key Dates

Date Event
Monday, 7/15 Official transition day to WKS

Onboarding can begin.

Visit TalentReef to get the process started.

Wednesday, 7/18 Benefits Enrollment begins
Friday, 8/2 First paycheck received from WKS

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for Human resources questions?

When in doubt, reach out to the Human Resources department at HR@wksusa.com for answers to your questions.
For questions about… Reach out to…
Employee relations

Policy questions

Termination authorizations


Human Resources



Generic benefits questions MyWKSBenefits@benefitfocus.com


or benefits@wksusa.com

WKS benefits programs

Leave of Absence Questions

Sandy Thibodeaux, Benefits Specialist



When can I start applying with WKS Krispy Kreme?


Start here

When do I need to complete my onboarding forms?

Once you have applied and are notified that you are hired, you should complete
all onboarding forms (policy acknowledgments, WOTC, etc.) by your first day of work.

The I-9 should NOT be filled out until Monday, July 15, and needs to be completed on your first day.

Acceptable documents for the I-9 form

While filling out the I-9 form, you will need to provide one of the following documents:

  • US Passport
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Driver’s License or State ID or School ID
    and one of the following:

    • U.S Social Security Card or Certification of Birth

I’m on leave during the application window, what should I do?

You will be contacted by Human Resources to arrange for onboarding.

How much will I get paid?

You will be onboarded with the same rate of pay as you currently have.

Will I keep my seniority, even though we’re starting as new employees?

Yes, WKS Krispy Kreme will honor the seniority date you have with Kreme Works, LLC.

Will I be subject to a background check?

District leaders, General Managers, Assistant Managers, and Shift Leaders will receive criminal and civil background checks.

District leaders will also receive a DMV background check.

When will I get my first paycheck from WKS Krispy Kreme?

Your first WKS Krispy Kreme employee paycheck will be on Friday, August 2nd. This will include hours worked from 7/15/2024 through 7/28/2024

Will I be able to continue using my Pay Card?

No, the pay card program will not be available with WKS Krispy Kreme. We offer direct deposit or Wisely Pay Cards.

Do we receive paid holidays?

Yes! Assistant Managers and Shift Leaders receive three paid holidays per year.

General Managers and District Leaders get six paid holidays per year!

Who provides medical insurance?

The insurance carrier that we currently have available for all full-time eligible employees is HealthComp.

What health benefits are offered?

Benefit-eligible employees will be offered medical, dental, and vision insurance.

Who is eligible for benefits?

All full-time employees.

Some part-time employees are eligible if they meet the following criteria (as defined by the Affordable Care Act):

  • Employees that average 30+ hours a week within the measurement period
  • The measurement period begins on the first of the month following their hire date
  • The measurement period last for 12 months

The hours are tracked in the payroll system (ADP) and the Benefits team is notified of this event monthly.

Team members who are not working enough hours will lose coverage after their stability period.

How do I complete my benefits enrollment?

Login to the BenefitFocus Enrollment system to begin the enrollment process.

  • Online Enrollment: BenefitFocus New Hire Job-Aid Instructions (24/7)
  • Mobile App: Benefitplace (24/7); Company Code: MyWKSBenefits
  • Phone: Benefits Service Center (M-F 8am-8pm EST): 1-866-696-0553

How do I login to ADP?

View these instructions for registering with ADP.

When do benefits begin?

Currently, enrolled team members who are full-time with Kreme Works benefits will be eligible to participate in WKS benefits on August 1, 2024, with no lapse in coverage.

For new hires, the benefits will not begin until the 1st of the month following 30 days from their employment date.

How do I enroll in the 401k plan?

To be eligible for the 401k, you must be 21 years old and have worked for at least one year. Seniority includes time before WKS acquired your location.

Visit Tri-Ad to begin registration.

What if I need to rollover funds from another 401K plan?

First, register for your 401k at Tri-Ad.

Next, contact Tri-Ad at 877-690-4015 to notify them of the rollover.

Then, call your former employer or plan administrator and request distribution forms. On your forms,  indicate a “direct rollover” and request that the check is made payable to Charles Schwab Bank.

When you receive the check, send it to TRI-AD for the deposit along with your TRI-AD rollover form. The roll over form can be found in ADP under the Resources/Forms Library/PS/Forms folder.

Where can I find the team member orientation?

View Here

Where else does WKS operate?

Check out the map below to see all our locations.

If you aren’t serving chicken, pancakes, hamburgers, pizza, or doughnuts, you’re serving someone who does.

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