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Start on your path toward a brighter future filled with growth and opportunity. We lift each other up, push each other further, and take part in something bigger than ourselves. You’ll be supported by a team committed to you and your success. Building a new career starts one step at a time. Let us show you the first step.

El Pollo Loco Platter
feed the flame

You can’t rush perfection but you can grill it slow over an open flame. We believe that good food feeds more than just our appetites. It nourishes the soul. Good food brings us together and connects us to something larger than ourselves.

familia first

We are committed to training and supporting you to become experts in your position by providing continuous learning and leadership opportunities to help you grow and advance in your career. We are as dedicated as you are to your own success.

El Pollo Loco Team Member by Avocado
perfect pollo

We believe that sitting down and sharing a meal prepared with time, love, and quality ingredients makes us all feel like family. When that happens, the world is a better place.



Our Brands

Founded in 1987, WKS Restaurant group operates 6 iconic brands across 10 states.