Vision and Values

WKS Vision Statement

The Branded Retail restaurant business is a multi-billion dollar market and is expected to remain a massive opportunity that will continue to aggressively morph and evolve and rapidly adapt to changing consumer needs.

  • WKS Restaurant Group is recognized as an aggressive, entrepreneurial leader in the Franchise Restaurant segment, where it excels in opportunistic deal making.
  • WKS will be recognized as the “Best in Class” Franchisee within the concepts we operate.
  • WKS recognizes and values the importance of all our team members and endeavors to provide exceptional career growth opportunities.
  • WKS will judiciously manage and secure all of its critical resources in order to successfully fulfill its vision.

WKS Mission Statement

To create a strong and enduring enterprise that:

  • Provides our Team Members with financial rewards and personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Fosters a culture where Life Balance is encouraged and respected
  • Creates long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our Stakeholders

WKS Values

INTEGRITY It builds trust
LOYALTY Creates long term relationships
WINNING Through consistent execution
SERVICE Is our passion
TEAMWORK Is the foundation for our success

WKS Signature Statement

“Our Success Begins with a Satisfied Guest!”

WKS Operations Mantra

“Do things the right way and take pride in what you do!”