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Welcome to WKS

Welcome to WKS Restaurant Group where we know our success begins with a satisfied guest. Our primary goal is to make certain every customer has an outstanding experience every time they visit one of our restaurant locations.

We're not just in the restaurant business though, we're in the people business. It's the people we employ that make the restaurant business work. We place a great deal of value in our loyal employees. That's why we make every effort to promote from within.

WKS has General Managers who started out as cooks and cashiers in their teenage years. In our business you can move from Crew, to Unit Manager, to General Manager, to District Manager, ultimately supervising as many as 10 restaurants and 300 employees.

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Meet a General Manager

Laura Coronado is one of many restaurant managers who began their careers at the crew member level. Advancement opportunities are available for all WKS employees.


Join Our Team

We're always looking for great employees.

Working at WKS means you're joining a team of talented, energetic, and motivated restaurant operators. Come join us in providing outstanding experiences for our guests.


Raise funds for your non-profit organization.
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WKS is proud to partner with sports teams, school clubs, marching bands, churches, and many other organizations to help them increase their funding. Select one of our brands below to find out more.

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